Monday, May 4, 2009

Ton Sai Living.

My first week in Ton Sai really was pretty, pardon the language but fucked. I was sick, like really sick for like the first 4 days. Could barley talk, coughing fits, and just super run down. For some reason I don't think the body appreciated the lack of sleep for 3 days. What a baby. Well, if your gonna be sick the place for that is home in your own bed, not on a tropical island(not really a island but practically) surrounded by huge limestone towers that you want to climb. That latter situation just makes you crazy, you want to party and climb-but you know you really shouldn't.
But thankfully I got better each day and the rock climbing really got going.

Ton Sai beach is 1 of 3 beaches on a tropical peninsula that is blocked off at the bottom by mountains. So you jump on a boat and go around the corner to access the Phra Nang peninsula, where Ton Sai Beach, Railey Beach, and Phra Nang Beach is located. All of which have rocking climbing right on the ocean. Want a better understanding of how it looks, go to, then click on google earth.

So how did you spend your first 21 days in Ton Sai? Well that is a great question, with really on simple answer-sanuk. Sanuk-is the Thai word for fun, play, and screwing around. We climbed a lot, like every day. Maybe took off like three or four days the whole time we were there. You can imagine for someone who likes to climb, that was pretty awesome. We ate wonderful Thai food, for super cheap. Like a 1-2 USD for each meal. Drank beer on the beach, vegged out, and just layed around.

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  1. The picture is of Dream Valley and our bungalows during a rain storm.