Saturday, May 2, 2009

Magic Carpet Ride

I have no idea how to start this. Because I'm way behind in my duties as a child, friend, and loved one to keep you well informed. So I guess the answer is well, where I left you off. Left Florida, feeling sick, well okay hungover, but seriously hungover is just self induced sickness. Jumped on a flight to SLC. Landed for 24 hours, partied, yes partied with that hangover. Drove my car over to storage and jumped a taxi over to the airport. Thus began a crazy day of travel.

Let's start the clock, see if you can keep track(because God knows I can't)Leave SLC at 11:00 am, land in LAX 12:06 pm. No problems, just a nice smooth flight in the airspace of the continental United States.

Okay time to bite of the big fish, LAX to Taipei. Leave at April 6th at 3:15 pm, land in Taipei April 7th 8:20 pm. Hey Tim how did the flight go you ask? Oh let me describe hell on earth to you, or more accurately hell in the skys. The plane was freaking enormous, I mean this sucker was a double decker. Great you say you'll get a whole row to yourself and you can lay down and sleep. Buzzzzzz, wrong answer. Every seat on this beast was full. Oh how I love recycled air. I wanted one of those white Doctors mask like you wouldn't believe. But will get back to that later. Alright seriously you slept the whole flight, right? No. Not at freaking all. Not a freaking hour. I did however watch three movies, eat three crappy meals, and use the claustrophobic restroom numerous times, but sleep no. Who needs sleep anyway. Back to the recycled air. By the end of the flight I had developed a serious sore throat, like couldn't even speak sore throat(no exaggeration). Well at least Hades flight 4623 was over.

Done you have arrived, bzzzz wrong again. The day of travel hell is just getting started(actually multiple days, but who is counting anyways?, your suppose to be counting!) Taipei April 7th 10:30 PM, land in Bangkok April 8th, 1:30 AM. No problem, one crappy movie(Bolt dubbed in Thai), one crappy meal(mystery meat, sauce and rice.), and 3 more hours of no sleep-equals arrival in Thailand your destination country(getting closer). Three flights down, One more flight, a bus ride, and a boat to go. Sick of reading this crap yet, try going though it.

Bangkok April 8th 9:00 AM, land in Krabi April 8th 11:30 AM. Hope you noticed the fucking Eight hour layover. Great time to get some sleep Tim. Oh, genius idea. To bad you weren't there to tell my body that I should take a nap. Of course I tried to sleep, but again it wouldn't happen. I can even do the math on how long I have been a walking zombie, but it's been a while.

Krabi airport. Just had to wait one hour for Courtney to get in before jumping a bus to Ao Nang. Great time to get the hell out of dodge. Leave Krabi airport 1:00 pm, arrive in Ao Nang 2:00 pm.

Ao Nang. Wonder around for a while, grab some food and look for a place to stay. As you can imagine zombie Tim, that could only grunt(remember no voice) was thinking it might be a good idea to sleep in Ao Nang and head over to Ton Sai in the morning. Well the place we wanted to stay at, J-mansion was full. So we did what any half dead, exhausted zombie would do- we jumped on a boat to Ton Sai, hoping for the best(AKA no reservation anywhere). Leave Ao Nang 3:00 PM, arrive Ton Sai Beach 3:30 pm.

Yes, final destination. The zombie has some relief. We fuck around for a little while trying to find a place and settle into Dream Valley for a total price of 350 baht a night(AKA 10 USD or 5 bucks each)! Stop clock final destination has been reached on April 8th at 4:30 PM. Alright, you can't talk, probably a little delusional, and haven't slept in like 3 days-you should go to bed. Nope, fuck that we went climbing.

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